Illustrator/designer/animated movie maker - Volunteer (Remote)

Work Type: Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to create more attractive learning content such as attractive illustrations, ppt slides and animated movies. You may not have experience in teaching but desire to share your knowledge and expertise. 

Apply to this position, and tell us why we need you! We are always looking for self-driven and talented individuals. Your cover letter should include the following sections:

  1. Who are you? Please specify the following points: (2-4 sentences) 
    • How long do you plan to volunteer with us?
    • How much time can you spend per week?
    • When could you start?
  2. Why do you want to volunteer with us? (3-4 sentences)
  3. How would you like to contribute? (3-4 sentences)
  4. What experience/project did you do? We are interested in how you used your skills to achieve a result. (3-4 sentences)

Your responsibilities

- You will collaborate closely with the educational and communication teams to create illustrations, ppt and animated videos that are attractive to students, potential volunteers, partners and sponsors.

- You enjoy creative freedom, but always keep our audience, CI and identity in mind and understand that we don’t use templates.

- You are open to feedback and improvement.

Who you are

- You can use your work for us in your portfolio and after at least three months of consistent volunteering we are also happy to write you a reference letter.
- You are self-motivated, creative and enjoy doing projects for the challenge, not for any external rewards. You understand the value of volunteering and making an impact, keep to deadlines and are ready to attend online meetings.

- You have a relevant background or experience in design, animated movie making and ppt. Preferably you have experience in creating online content.

You are passionate about education: You know the importance of education and how it can impact someone's life.

You are an effective communicator in verbal and written English: you know how to captivate, relate and adapt to your audience. You are comfortable explaining complex concepts to a non-knowledgeable audience.

You are comfortable using Google Suite (Google docs, Google slides, and Google sheets) and willing to learn how to use our online platform.

You are able to work independently, but you are also comfortable asking questions and saying, “I don’t know.” 

- You are a team player: You know how to communicate effectively about your progress and understand that we need the help of everyone to succeed. 

Culture fit

Our values represent who we are and how we act. You will enjoy working with us if the following statements describe you:

- You value others and have the desire to have a positive impact on the world.

You know that you don’t know everything and are willing to learn, experiment, and view feedback as an opportunity to improve yourself.

- You are committed, consistent and don’t give up when things become more challenging. 

You don’t take shortcuts. You have high integrity and aspire to do things the right way.

- You are proactive and ready to work in a flat hierarchical structure.

You strive for excellence and have high attention to detail.

The process

Did you recognize yourself in our description? We will be glad to learn more about you. Our hiring process involves just two stages:

- Application form 

- Formal interview

After applying through the application form, you will hear from us within two weeks.


Our organization is based on volunteering. While we don’t offer compensation, we aim to provide the experience of a lifetime. We offer:

- Remote working: You can contribute from your home. Our members are located all over the world.

- Flexible hours: We are not interested in the number of hours you work but the results you deliver. We assign tasks weekly or bi-weekly. As soon as you can complete them on time, we trust you.

- We commit to helping you achieve your potential and develop you into a leader within our organization.

- We offer webinars on different topics that are useful for your personal and career development. You’ll receive a certificate of completion.

- And, of course, the opportunity to be part of an organization that aims to change the world!

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